About me

Emily Haddington

I am a professional creative copywriter and UX writer with over 10 years of experience. I started my career in lifestyle print journalism, before making the leap across to web and digital copywriting as a freelancer. I've written for clients all over the world across multiple industries, covering b2c and b2b. I've written on some pretty weird and wonderful subjects over the years, writing copy that sells everything from caravans to cannabis seeds!

When I'm not working, I love to take long walks in my local forest with my husband, attend dance classes, and help raise our house rabbit Ida, who has special medical needs.

Ida the bunny

And now a little soapbox moment…

Like many copywriting contractors, I want to be paid fairly for the work I do, and on time. But I've noticed that sometimes, copywriters aren't viewed as proper contractors. Anyone can churn out words on a page. But what you're paying for when you hire a copywriter is their depth of experience and know-how. You're paying for that coffee break they take, where their brain has a eureka moment and delivers that masterpiece sentence for your next campaign.

Good copy that delivers results has value. As a copywriter, I focus on quality rather than quantity, which is something my clients really appreciate! I don't charge by the word, or believe in content mills that churn out hundreds of meaningless words for mere pennies per hour.

I also don't believe that a copywriter needs to 'prove' they can write by completing free writing tasks. Would you ask a plumber to fit a toilet for you for free to prove they can actually do the job? Nope, thought not! You just want them to fix your toilet. This I can do (with amazing copy, I can't fix toilets).